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Member Info
Username: sweetNsour
LL Member #: 00256
Joined: 4-8-2006
Forum Posts: 99

Vehicle Info
Added: 7-13-2006
Build Date: 04-20-2006
Delivered: 07-12-2006
Interior Type:Leather
Interior Color:Medium Parchment

sweetNsour's 2006 Legend Lime GT Coupe


After 6 months of just co-owning a 2006 LL, I could bear it no longer.  I've been lurking on these boards periodically for the last 4 months making sure my husband wasn't being an embarrassment to our family.  I've found out a lot about his personality, sense of humor and ability to lie, or at least cheat a little on the information I am given. Well, no lying here, I am hooked.  I probably won't be at the shows much in person, but my car probably will be.  I just won't be in it, he will.  It's hard to give up 100+ cubic feet of Lincoln Navigator for 13.1 cubic feet of trunk space, but look at the impression I will make now.  I think Daddy has finally got his little "tomboy!"

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