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Member Info
Username: AshNicole99
LL Member #: 00967
Joined: 1-28-2018
Forum Posts: 0

Vehicle Info
Added: 1-28-2018
Build Date: 08-17-2005
Delivered: 08-25-2005
Interior Type:Leather
Interior Color:Medium Parchment

AshNicole99's 2006 Legend Lime GT Coupe

My legend lime is a deluxe 2006 v8 coupe with tan leather interior. I call her Eleanor, but her nickname is Sweet Pea. It is 100% stock and has never been wrecked or painted on. I even have the original window sticker for the car and the touch up paint it came with from Ford. The only thing I have changed about the car is its wheels. I purchased a set of bullitt wheels about a week ago, and am waiting to have them installed. Counting myself, it has had 3 owners. My mustang also has about 16,000 miles on it as of January 2018. I am 18 years old and will be 19 soon, and received this car for graduating from high school. It was purchased near Chicago on Valentine's Day in 2017 and my parents drove it home for me to see that Saturday. I have had it every since. Words can not describe how much I love my green mustang. I first saw one when I was about eight or nine years old at a car auction with my dad (he is a car dealer...likely where I inherited my love for cars), and have been obsessed and on the hunt for my own "green machine" every since that day. After ten long years the search ended when my car was found and purchased.

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