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Legend Lime News
Legend Lime Website in MM&FF

Legend Lime Website in MM&FF
1-29-2006 11:27 PM
Author: LeonSORTX

Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords is a great Magazine..... I have found a lot of great websites in the Cyber Stallions Section of this great magazine. Little did I know that our website would be featured in the March 2006 issue!!!
Yes..... The Legend Lime Registry is in MM&FF..... And I'm so proud to say that it is a great article.Special Thanks to Jeff Bauer at MM&FF for that!!  
Before the article hit we had 193 members in the forums and as of right now (02/11/06) we have 258 and still growing at a fast pace!!
Wanna congratulate Jeff Baker (LL05GT) on this accomplishment because without his dedication we would still be a forum post on another website....Thanks Mr George Washington!! (As Tom calls him.....hehehe)
Congrats to the Legend Lime Community!!
Subcribe to MM&FF here.... 
Here is the Legend Lime Invite....Just print it out and make tons of copies to hand out at Car Shows ....

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