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Legend Lime News
Enthusiasts of Color

Enthusiasts of Color
10-2-2005 1:59 PM

 There has always been something special about the Ford Mustang and it's owners that leads them to seek out similar-minded enthusiasts. This is far from a recent phenomenon, as the Mustang Club of America will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary next Labor Day weekend.

Aside from a monster organization like MCA, there are literally hundreds of state and local clubs for ponycar enthusiasts, never mind the plentiful online discussion boards and news lists. It would seem that there is more than enough opportunity for Mustang owner to saturate themselves with tech tips, advice, questions and answers, kill stories and other discussions.

Why on earth, then, would someone think they could start a club for owners of just one color of Mustang?

Steve Shrader told us, "I've been a member of many clubs, mostly Mustangs, and usually got bored with the typical club meetings and standard club activities. It was time to introduce some change, and I knew specialization would be the key to success. There were already hundreds of Mustang clubs in existence, so I wanted something unique."

Steve said that he had become obsessed with his 1999 Zinc Yellow Mustang GT. It seems he was not alone. "I had noticed that other yellow Mustang owners always waved on the street, and that talking to them in person, they were very friendly and open. You just can't miss the color when you're driving, no matter what vehicle it's on."

The Yellow Mustang Registry was born out of these experiences, in February 2001. "I started the website simply as a hobby to provide a place to register people's yellow Mustangs and find out where they all lived in the country. I had no idea it would become such a success! YMR was the first of it's kind, the first enthusiast group dedicated to a color, and we are no longer a 'small segment' by any means, with 5000 members currently listed."

Psychologists know well that an individual's preference for a particular color can imply certain personality traits. Shrader's own experiences support the notion.

"It was amazing to me, once we began holding YMR gatherings, that the personalities of our members were strikingly similar. Instead of normally hearing people question their unique color choice, they were suddenly surrounded by strangers who knew exactly how they felt, regardless of age or gender. Yellow owners always carry a positive attitude and a bright outlook on life in general."

Lisa Barret Wall, founder of the Black Mustang Club agrees... in principle. "Owners of black Mustangs are unique in their dedication to maintaining the cleanliness of their Mustang. We have all seen how gorgeous a black Mustang is when itís clean; and owners of black Mustangs understand and accept these challenges."

Inspired by Shrader's YMR, Lisa began promoting her fledgling club through Internet messsage boards for Mustang owners. Despite tireless effort, initial growth of the club was slow. She told us, "The 'boom' occurred when Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords featured the BMC in the Cyber Stallions column (November 2003), and hasnít stopped yet."

Such success has inspired others to take on the challenge. In May of this year, Jeff Baker and Leon Monzon started the Legend Lime Registry. Their club has grown to one hundred members in the first months of its existance. Baker agrees about their member's binding interest. "[It is] the love we have for the color. It's the passion for the color that is hard to explain. But, anyone with a Legend Lime Mustang knows what I'm talking about." The club is planning a meet in Las Vegas shortly - September 23 to 25.


Indeed, something drives these monochromatic Mustang owners to seek each other out... in person. While online discussion is enjoyable, each club celebrates their uniqueness by gathering as many of their members in one place as they can. For the Black Mustang Club, this was during Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach in July. In fact, the group drew enough cars to take home the Mustang Week 2005 Club Turnout Award.

For Shrader's Yellow Mustang Registry, the most recent get-together was in August. The club had rented a parking lot on Woodward Avenue for their members' exclusive use. They were a bit surprised, "...when a TV film crew of four guys with the TLC series 'Rides' showed up at our YMR show during the Woodward Dream Cruise. They interviewed several members for a possible addition to an upcoming show about Chip Foose."

Media attraction to a collection of yellow Mustangs is not uncommon. "The media coverage we get is usually unexpected but is exciting to experience every time it occurs." The YMR was featured extensively during the 2004 Woodward Dream Cruise as well.

The future appears to be a dynamic one for all these clubs. BMC's Wall told us, "Our 1st Annual National Event is upcoming in October, and I am also planning a Cross-Country Cruise in 2006 that will take the BMC from coast-to-coast with stops in to see our fellow members along the way."

According to Steve Shrader, "Our biggest plan for the future is a five year anniversary show in July, 2006. We are celebrating 5 years of the Yellow Mustang Registry with a week-long attendance during Mustang Week. It will be our largest event ever with an expected turnout of over 120 yellow Mustangs from all across the country."

Whether the binding force is a single color, the Mustang's rarity in your part of the country, or some other factor, Legend Lime Registry's Jeff Baker leaves us with some heartfelt advice, "Continue your passion for the Mustang. Get involved in your local Mustang club or clubs. The friendships made at these clubs and Mustang websites are priceless."

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