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Instructions for signing in.....

Instructions for signing in.....
8-15-2005 6:11 AM
Author: LeonSORTX

Hey There!! Thanks for your interest in registering on the one and only
Legend Lime Registry! Here are some things you are gonna need to register.....
1. Register for the Forums
2. Most importantly Register your Mustang!! The link is on the top left hand corner of the website. Its in Red and says  "Click Here >>"
3. If you were assigned a Legendary Lime Registry number by Jeff (LL05GT) please add that LLR # in your Description of your Mustang.
((i.e.  my Description page reads as follows........))
~~Lengendary Limer 0006~~
" The Hulk "
2005 Mustang V6 Premium
Legendary Lime
Charcoal Interior
K&N Air Filter
Silver Billet Shorty Antena 4 "
Zaino Protected so on and so forth......etc etc blah blah blah....
4. If you were not assigned a LLR number the website will auto assign one for you...
Presto!! You are in like Flynn!!
Thanks for making this website OUTSTANDING!!

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