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Welcome to the Legend Lime Registry

Welcome to the Legend Lime Registry
8-14-2005 3:46 AM
Author: LeonSORTX

Finally Ford got something Right!! The new 2005 Mustang has brought to the imagination a Dream Car.... With its classic curves and improved engine over past Mustangs the 05 Mustang is already a Classic. Add Legendary Lime to that equation and this Equals A Beautiful Car...
Please register your Legendary Lime Mustang ... You must first register for the Forums and then most importantly Register your Mustang..... All years are welcome to join... We are not just a website for the 05 Mustang. Our ancestors and future Legendary Lime Mustangs are invited as well! If you are one of those unfortunate ones that dont have a LL Mustang please feel free to register so you can take part in our forums section and browse the gallery.
And last but not least .....The first annual Legendary Lime Meet is going to happen in Sin City..... LAS VEGAS!! Its sure to be a blast!! Come Join us wont you?? Its happening September 23 - 25th 2005... Get more info at http://LeonSORTX.gotstang.com
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