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How hard is it to switch a v6 auto to v8 manual?

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8-27-2018 9:49 PM #1

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How hard is it to switch a v6 auto to v8 manual?
Hi all.

This isn't something I'm gonna do anytime soon, but I plan on keeping my car for as long as possible. I have a 2005 mustang v6 auto with 96k miles, but I was wondering if its possible or even worth it to swap the engine and tranny for a v8 and manual once the car gets older. I think it'll be hard to find another legend lime gt manual in good condition a few years from now. I would love to have a manual gt someday, but I'm gonna wait until I finish college and everything. I do love my car the way it is now, but I'm just speculating for the future if I should swap in a v8/manual if the v6/auto goes under later on.

Any thoughts if I should do the swap later or just trade in for the right car? Thanks!

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9-6-2018 1:23 PM #2

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It's gonna be expensive.
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9-8-2018 9:12 PM #3

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It's best to wait and see if you can get a GT stick.
A lot of work will be involved doing the cross over including wiring, not to mention possible rear end change out.

Save those pennies and keep looking!

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