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Odd thing on my 2006 v6 Mustang

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3-16-2018 4:48 PM #1

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Odd thing on my 2006 v6 Mustang
When the car is cold and I'm just starting out, I sometimes shift a bit too fast at a little bit higher rpms, and even tho my foot is off the gas when I put the clutch in, the engine still revs way up for a 1-2 seconds.  

I've made a point of driving it nice till it warms up a bit, but I was wondering if anyone knew what could cause that to happen???


2006 Mustang Coupe V6

3-17-2018 2:09 PM #2

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First off welcome!
Does it do it after the car has warmed up?
From what I've seen on my 05gt, mine does it at first start up. It will rev up before returning to a normal rpm. Probably due to the cold weather and the computer doing some minor adjustments. After it warms up, everything is fine for me.

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