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I'm French, but it's mine LL !

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3-27-2017 5:28 PM #1

Posts: 7
Joined: 3-17-2017
I'm French, but it's mine LL !
I've pleasure to présent mine LL

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Lucie.jpg (429.19 KB)
Email rosei49: roseicollis@live.fr

3-28-2017 1:08 AM #2

Posts: 140
Joined: 9-25-2011
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Real Name: Stu

2006 Mustang GT Coupe 1 0f 251
Her name is Lucille
Pypes Muffler Delete Exhaust
Ford Racing X Pipe
SHR Honeycomb Rear Deck Lid Insert
Cross Drilled & Slotted Rotors
Roush Extreme Lowering Springs
Blacked Out Tail, Side Marker, Cornering & Fog Lights.
Black Bullitt Style Fuel Door.
Short Shift with Brushed Aluminum Mustang Knob.
Black CDC Classic Chin Spoiler
Ford Racing Front Lower Control Arm Brace
CDC Interior Quarter Window Covers
MMD Eleanor Style Scoops
MMD Side Scoops
Raxiom Sequential Tail Light Kit
Custom hand made robot pony grille emblem
Airaid Cold Air Intake
Custom Bama Tuned with a Bama X4 Tuner
Email StuMast: stuart.mast@gmail.com

4-10-2017 10:34 AM #3

Posts: 7
Joined: 3-17-2017
A news photos.
Nearly ready to go in France....

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Lucie2.jpg (390.10 KB)
vusa24.jpg (401.16 KB)
vusa29.jpg (336.99 KB)

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Email rosei49: roseicollis@live.fr

4-21-2017 6:38 PM #4

Posts: 7
Joined: 3-17-2017
The same but "open"....

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Email rosei49: roseicollis@live.fr

6-4-2017 3:54 AM #5

Posts: 301
Joined: 1-9-2006
Location: Tennessee
Love the color!  Nice ride.  Enjoy it.  Still have mine 12 - 13 years later and will never get rid of it.

(¯`'•.¸  (¯`'•.¸  Legendary Limer #0126  ¸.•'´¯)  ¸.•'´¯)
2005 Legend Lime Mustang GT
LLR# 0126
BOSS Stripe Kit
CDC Shaker Hood
Cervini's Type 3 Chin Spoiler
SHR Honeycomb Taillight Panel
MRT Dynamite Sticks Sequential System
20" Staggered Shelby CS40 Chrome Wheels
Email Nazz300: nazz300@aol.com

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