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What was your first car?

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6-15-2010 3:12 AM #21

Posts: 43
Joined: 8-15-2006
Location: Montgomery, Alabama
Real Name: Jerry Hamilton
special order 1979 mercury zepher black with gold stripes with a 302 v 8 would blow the doors off a 1979  or 1980 trans am . went for two years with nobody knownig what was under the hood . great car

Jerry H Hamilton
Email bad06gt: jhhamilton81363@yahoo.com AIM: bad06gt Yahoo Name: bad06gt

6-15-2010 2:17 PM #22

Posts: 82
Joined: 8-8-2006
Location: Alpharetta, GA
Real Name: Reid
1968 Mustang Coupe
It was a stripped down 200 CuI straight 6 although it did have an automatic...I think that was the only option it had.

The funny thing is that it was Candy Apple Red when I got it.  However, the original color was Lime Gold with a black interior.

I had a blast with that car.  Unfortunately, someone hit me on the back left wheel and knocked the leaf springs and everything else off the car...totaled.

I took the insurance money and bought a 67 Lime Gold Convertible with the matching interior.  Power Disc brakes, power steering, power top, 2 barrel 289 V8...Dream car for me...sold after college (Still kicking myself for that one)...

2006 LL GT Premium Conv.  Built date 4/19/06 1 0f 56
Dark Charcoal Int. Black Top
17" Machined Alum pony wheels
Wheel locks
Soft Boot
Email 67LimeGold: judson.r.puckett@mci.com

6-15-2010 2:52 PM #23

Posts: 301
Joined: 1-9-2006
Location: Tennessee
A 1967 Mustang Fastback Burnt Amber Metallic. It had a 289 and I paid $795 cash. Saved my $$$ from working at the local bowling alley for $1.00 per hour.

My Dad took me to pick the car up and he chipped in and filled up my first tankful of gas. All of about $4.00 as gas was around .28 cents per gallon. Thanks Pop!

I soon took the pony off the front grill and added the same mags that Steve McQueen's  Bullitt car had.

There was no discussion though as I knew my first car would be a Mustang.

(¯`'•.¸  (¯`'•.¸  Legendary Limer #0126  ¸.•'´¯)  ¸.•'´¯)
2005 Legend Lime Mustang GT
LLR# 0126
BOSS Stripe Kit
CDC Shaker Hood
Cervini's Type 3 Chin Spoiler
SHR Honeycomb Taillight Panel
MRT Dynamite Sticks Sequential System
20" Staggered Shelby CS40 Chrome Wheels
Email Nazz300: nazz300@aol.com

6-15-2010 5:20 PM #24

Posts: 282
Joined: 6-29-2007
First:  1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, Chestnut, 2.5L

Fourth:  2003 Mustang, Torch Red, 3.8L

Sixth:  1966 Mustang, Burgundy Metallic, 4.7L

Seventh:  The Legend Lime.  

Attached Images
Stangs.JPG (67.29 KB)

"The General Lime"

2005 GT Coupe (Premium Package)

6-15-2010 6:22 PM #25

Posts: 32
Joined: 6-10-2010
My first car was a 1975 Mustang II w/ a 302 in it.  Loved that car!!  Just sold her a few years ago, I miss Sally sometimes.

Email AmericanMuscleLime: karen.baum@turn5.com

6-22-2010 3:01 AM #26

Posts: 58
Joined: 3-6-2010
57 VW Vert

'05 LL GT Vert 4.6 L loaded with goodies: ...99.9% is Alan Reece's contribution. I'm the lucky new owner!

Email Frogger: bert52@sbcglobal.net

6-22-2010 1:25 PM #27

Posts: 264
Joined: 5-19-2008
Location: Miami, FL
Real Name: Jav
1990 5.0L Mustang hatchback 5-speed. It was an original Steeda with the full G-Trac suspension package, and a few Steeda bolt-on parts. It was white with two red stripes, and had the 16" Pony wheels painted white to match. I got pics at of her home.....if I remember I'll post one up. My limer is my 9th Mustang. All my previous Stangs were 5.0L fox-bodies. Some coupes, some hatchbacks and 2 convertibles. I've always had and always will have a Stang. ;)

'05 Mustang GT 5-speed LLR# 494 (Steeda CAI & UDP's, BamaChips 93 tune via Diablo tuner, ceramic headers, off-road h-pipe, FlowMaster axle-backs, Hurst, alum. f/w, CHE brace w/torq. lmtrs, UCA & LCAs, 3.73's)

6-23-2010 12:16 AM #28

Posts: 423
Joined: 7-4-2006
Location: Potown NY
Real Name: Jon
First car was a 67 Pontiac Lemans convertable. Brown w/ black interior. 326 V8 w/2 speed power glide. Bought it in 1977 with 80,000miles +/- and paid $200 for it.
I made it into a GTO clone by adding a GTO hood, humungous tires in the rear on 15" rims, 4 bbl carb and dual exhaust.
Boy I wish I had that car now


2005 LL GT Coupe
Dark Charcoal leather interior w/ IUP
5-speed auto           TCI Street fighter shifter
Samco hoses           Chrome Valve Covers
Shaker 500 audio      Ford plenum cover/Fuel rail Covers
Revese c-stripe        Roush hood scoop
7" Antenna              LL Calipers
Granatelli CAI           MAC axleback
Steeda UDP             Brenspeed 93 octane tune
Passport 8500 radar detector
Agent 47 mirrors       Agent 47 Grille
Sequential tail lights  Raxiom Retro Headlights
Godspeed 18" Omega's in Blk Chrome

Email LL911: bernarj@frontiernet.net

6-23-2010 4:42 AM #29

Posts: 171
Joined: 5-29-2006
Location: IL
Real Name: Sal
1967 Mustang Coupe in full primer !!   Bought her when I was just 15 and pushed it home from a local fellow who was going to restore.  He got bored and I got hooked on Mustang's forever !!!

2011 GT Premium Grabber Blue  1 of 56 ever produced.

Flipside of life - doing all I can to keep Retro alive.  Although RetroLL met its match and I have replaced her with a new one...but keeping Retro alive will remain in place.

Email Flipside: sgalioto@comcast.net

6-23-2010 8:04 AM #30

Posts: 31
Joined: 8-24-2008
Location: Akersberga, Sweden
Real Name: Christer Lindstrom
My first car was a Ford Cortina GT (made in UK), the Ford Capri (also made in UK) was known in the 70's as "The Poor Man's Mustang" so the Cortina must have been "The Really Poor Man's Mustang"

Post last edited by Guitarplayer on 6-23-2010 8:06 AM

LLR #521
Email Guitarplayer: littlered@bredband.net MSN: corvettemannen@msn.com

4-12-2015 1:39 AM #31

Posts: 8
Joined: 4-18-2006
Very Fast '59 Chevy Impala 2 door hardtop. Black white side stripe and red interior.  348 C.I. motor hooked to a hurst 4 on the floor.  
Email limeade4me: mibr55@hotmail.com

4-14-2015 2:20 AM #32

Posts: 675
Joined: 9-9-2006
Location: Apple Valley MN.
Real Name: Mark :)
A 1969 Buick Skylark Grey Primer with Black Primer stripes. Air shocks and 8 inch steel rear rims. Crome spoke hub caps. Blue carpet light blue interior. It always smelt fresh and new inside. I don't even have a picture but it's fresh in my mind. God I loved that car. My dad bought it for me for just 500 dollars. Why did I trade it away?

Former owner of 2006 Convertible. LLR332
Current owner of 2006 GT hard top. LLR798

Email GrnT: mark.gaisbauer@charter.net

4-15-2015 12:06 AM #33

Posts: 484
Joined: 3-18-2011
Location: Alberta
Real Name: Ron
A 64 Dodge Polara, 383 BB. Was a pukey lime green. Had the push button auto. One of the fastest cars I've ever had.

Lil' Cindy is LLR #0696

Home Club: Medicine Hat Mustang Club.


2006 GT Vert, Premium with charcoal leather(no side air-bags), Interior Upgrade Package, 17" Premium wheels, Active Anti-theft - 1 of 68.

She was conceived Aug 2, 2005 (ordered), born Sep 13, 2005 and taken home Oct 25, 2005.

Since then, has undergone many performance, handling and apperance mods. (see my registry for details   http://www.legendlimeregistry.com/reg...dex.cgi?id=756)

When life throws you limes...drive one!

Email Ronnie06LLGT: rvwendling@yahoo.ca

4-24-2015 5:11 AM #34

Posts: 36
Joined: 4-21-2011
Location: Muskegon, MI
1968 AMC Rambler American
At 16 in 2002 my first car was a 68 American, but it never saw the road due to the frame being shot. I had gotten it for free, salvaged parts and found another 68. Drove that for a while before that frame rusted out and the car wasn't worth the work needed. Salvaged parts and put them into a 67 American. Still have that car which sports a 360 with a AMX rear 3.54 in it.

2005 Ford Mustang GT
SLP Cat Back Exhaust
Diablo Predator Tune
Hurst short throw shifter set up
Steeda Strut Tower Brace April 2011
Steeda Under Drive Pulleys 5/3/11
Sequential Tail lights 3/13
Remote Trunk Release 3/13
Lowering springs, panhard bar, and Bassani X-Pipe sitting in garage waiting to be put on. Kinda holding out for new shocks/ struts/ headers before doing exhaust and suspension work.
Quarter Louvers - Removed on Intersate-94 approaching US 23, against my will.
LLR #702
Email Gerbot: Trevorl.Gerlach@gmail.com

4-26-2015 6:48 PM #35

Posts: 2
Joined: 4-25-2015
1970 Gold Camaro, double hump heads on a  350cid, 4 speed.  Totaled in 1978. Ran very well.

2006 GT convertible, completely stock.
Email GT06: 2006legendlimegt@hughes.net

5-3-2015 2:50 AM #36

Posts: 3
Joined: 5-2-2015
Location: Manitoba
My first car was a 66 Galaxie 500 2 door hardtop. Only options were 289/C4 auto and AM radio. That car spent 10 years getting sold or traded between my two brothers and I.

Second car was a 71 Mustang Mach 1 with the Ram Air 429 Super Cobra Jet, 4 speed Toploader, 4.11 Detroit Locker, which were all part of the Drag Pack option group. Still kicking myself for selling it in 1977.

Email Mister_T: cheezhead@mymts.net

6-1-2015 3:08 PM #37

Posts: 3
Joined: 5-9-2015
Location: New Brunswick, Canada
My first car was a 1967 Lime Gold convertible, 289 automatic. The thing I remember most about the car was the pedal on the left that activated the windshield washer. My wife of 45 years, and I were married in that car in 1970. Our new 05 GT convertible is our 45th Anniversary "getaway car".
Email Greenboss: alexandwanda@nb.aibn.com

6-10-2015 3:10 AM #38

Posts: 157
Joined: 3-2-2013
Location: Kerrville, TX
My first car was a 1953 Desoto... purchased for $20. lol

GTSkip, Proud owner of "KERMIT"

2006 Convertible GT Premium Edition
Born 1 August 2005
4.6 V8
Medium Parchment Leather Interior
17"Alum painted/Machined Rims
Flowmaster (817460) American Thunder Exhaust
SMP Electronic Throttle Body
TCI Ratchet Shifter
1 of 94


"It's not easy being green."

Email GTSkip: skip080944@yahoo.com Yahoo Name: skip080944

6-17-2015 4:06 AM #39

Posts: 1
Joined: 6-12-2015
1968 Torino GT - notchback. Lime Gold with black interior, 302 with automatic on the column, bench seat.
Email MRKC: kncore@yahoo.com

9-7-2018 1:08 PM #40

Posts: 7
Joined: 8-31-2018
My first car is a 2000 Honda Civic.
Email knox82: wavethreader82@gmail.com

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