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Legend Lime Registry
About Us

    The Legend Lime Registry was founded on May 1, 2005, in the forums of AFM. It was a way for Legend Lime owners and enthusiasts to meet, discuss, and enjoy that color "We All Love".

    The LLR website is for any and all Mustang owners and enthusiasts, reguardless of color. The "Registry" is exclusively for the owners of these Legend Lime beauties. We took flight on May 4. woodj was the first to answer the call, several others followed suit. One week later, membership was at 20.

    On May 13, the Legend Lime Registry website born. It went into the development stage. On May 15, the forums of TMS was raided by a new thread........Legend Lime Registry. May 18 was our first post at 2005stangs. May 22 saw StangSource get flooded with Legendary Limers and their pics.

    June 4, just one month from it's conception, membership stood at 46. Then came June 13. A make or break day. It was decided, after some very serious thought, to take the LLR from a simple registry page, to what you're a part of now. Beautiful, isn't it! We owe our "Thanks" to Kory Cunningham, for the design and development of the Legend Lime Registry.

    July 4, saw a membership of 60. August 4, we were at 70. Where will we be in a year, in two years, in five years? Right here, amazed at the number of members in the "Registry" and the number of registered users on this thing we call the...LEGEND LIME REGISTRY.

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